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Delivered By
Dr William A. Stack - Pastor
Delivered On
July 6, 2011
Central Passage
Acts 5:20
The Book of Acts

This messge begins with the Lord performing many signs and wonders through the hands of the apostles, and people being healed when the shadow of the apostles covered them, and multitudes of others healed and delivered from demonic power.  The apostles were then arrested, and put in prison.  An angel of the Lord then opened the prison doors, and brought them out.  Of all the things the angel could have told them to do, he told them to teach the people all things.  The Lord knew that miracles alone would not give the new believers all they needed to live the new Christian life - they must be taughts all the words of life.  Bro Bill believes it is just as important today.  God bless you as you listen today!