Believe !! (1st in a series, explains vision, etc - 45 minutes)
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Delivered By
Rev Sheri Stack (Primary), Dr William Stack (at the end)
Delivered On
January 2, 2011
Central Passage
Mark 9:23
Vision and Direction for 2011

This message continues to be one of the most requested for 2011, from the archives of Salem Full Gospel Church.  In this service, the Pastors explain the vision and direction they feel the Lord is directing them in for 2011, for the church and for the Body of Christ around the world.  In light of recent events (earthquakes/economic uncertainty, etc), this message has proven it's timeliness and prophetic value.  Most of this message is from Sis Sheri, as she explains a vision God gave her while she was taking notes during a church service, and other inspiration they received together while praying for the church, and listening to God's still small voice.  In about 5 minutes at the end, Bro Bill discusses a few points about faith, and the general direction for 2011, which is based largely on the direction the Lord has provided and what He has spoken in this message.  God bless you as you are inspired to "Believe !!" all the Lord has spoken to you and your family today !!