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Delivered By
Rev Sheri L. Stack - Pastor
Delivered On
January 5, 2011
Activating Faith

In this short message on Wednesday, January 5, Sis Sheri illustrates from the scripture that God hears our prayers, and how He wants to respond to an activated faith within us.  Faith comes by what we hear; often what we hear is what is coming out of our own mouth!  Therefore, it is important that we speak the Word of God.  Faith comes by the Word of God, and it also leaves by other we must be careful what we meditate on and speak, as we can sometimes be snared by the words of our mouth.  This is an encouraging word with practical steps we can take to help our faith come alive within us, to help us accomplish the great things that God wants to do through each and every one of us !!  God bless you as you listen.