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Delivered By
Dr William Stack - Pastor
Delivered On
October 3, 2012
Central Passage
Acts 10
Spiritual Gifts, Evangelism

In this message, Bro Bill discusses the phenomena of spiritual dreams and visions (as imparted by the Lord).  Ever since the Day of Pentecost, we have been living in the last days.  According to the book of Joel, one of the gifts the Lord released to mankind in the last days are spiritual dreams and visions.  As experienced by Peter and Cornelius in Acts chapter 10, dreams and visions are powerful, and not necessarily immediately understood completely.  But we see the importance of cooperating with what we do understand, and how the Lord used this media to open up whole new avenues of direction and focus for the early church - and strategies to evangelize unreached people-groups for the Gospel of Christ.  God bless you as you listen today!