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Delivered By
Dr. William A. Stack - Pastor
Delivered On
November 25, 2012
Central Passage
Luke 10:16-21
Spiritual Authority

As the disciples were out doing what the Lord ordained and empowered them to do, they were very encouraged and amazed at what they saw take place.  When they began to relay this to Jesus, He told them that as they were fulfilling their call and mission, Jesus saw Satan dethroned, and shot like lightning out of heaven...Bro Bill discusses this passage, and points out that Jesus was seeing this concurrently as the disciples were doing what He asked them to do.  Too many times we wait for victory to come, to inspire us to serve the Lord, when victory only comes after we begin to take the steps of obedience in what the Lord has called us to do.  Nothing de-thrones the enemy and his plans more than the believer obeying God!!  God bless you, as you listen today...