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Delivered By
Dr William A. Stack - Pastor
Delivered On
September 14, 2012
Central Passage
Hebrews 11:1
Faith Series

In this lesson, Bro Bill discusses the reality, and solidity of faith.  Faith is substance; faith is evidence.  He then goes on to discuss the difference between the faith practiced by one of Jesus' disciples, versus the faith practiced by Abraham.  As the disciple Thomas only allowed his faith to work after he saw and felt what he wanted, many Christians today have settled for that kind of faith experience as well.  Abraham, on the other hand, allowed his faith to lead his life, and we are still walking in (and enjoying the benefits of) his faith today.  When faith and obedience lead the way, the destination is eternally blessed !!  Bro Bill does get excited about faith (and a little loud sometimes); hopefully some of that excitement will excite you as well.  God bless you as you listen today !