Healthy Marriage Series


For the last several years, the following material has been mandatory for all marriage candidates to review with the Pastors or staff Ministers performing wedding ceremonies at Salem Full Gospel Church.  We encourage all who are considering marriage to review the documents in our marriage series, discuss them amongst yourselves, and be prepared to discuss each area when you arrive for the required pre-marital counselling sessions.  We believe these principles from God's Word can help every couple considering marriage to go into their relationship better prepared to live a blessed life together!  Below are links on communication, provision, intimacy, and spiritual issues.  God bless you as you prepare to build a life together with the Lord!  Please note:  we only recognize marriage as being between a natural born male human being, and a natural born female human being, known heretofore as a  "man and woman".  We do not recognize nor authorize wedding ceremonies or unions between people of the same gender. - Intro Letter - Communication - Provision - Intimacy - Spiritual Issues

  May 2021  
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