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Delivered By
Dr William A. Stack - Pastor, Salem Full Gospel Church
Delivered On
July 17, 2019 at 7:00 PM
Central Passage
John 13
The Gospel of John, Adult Bible Study
"He could have called it off; He could have done them in.  He could have sacrificed the entire world, with all it's filthy sin.  He could have easily destroyed those, who had it in for Him.

He could have kept the faithful, and targeted His judgement on those that had and would betray Him.  He could have said, "not today, Lord; after consideration, this is not a good fit - find somebody else."

With the whole world in His hands, and knowing that He would not last another week in this life, He looked at those around Him, He looked at you and me.  He looked at those who would betray Him, and then He washed their feet..."