Living in the Last Days (recorded live, with Q/A and comments)
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Delivered By
Dr William A. Stack - Pastor
Delivered On
June 29, 2009
Central Passage
Mark 13, Matthew 24
Issues Jesus warned us about concerning the Last Days we are currently in.
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The live audience here are Pentecostal christians on a Wednesday night service.  The format of this message, the volume of the speaker, and other things may be unfamiliar to those not used to this type of environment/religious service.    Near the end, you hear a "word of knowledge" concerning 2 health conditions that the Lord wanted to minister to, which turned out to be some suffering severe arthritis in their knee, and others suffering from the results of an automobile accident.  A "word of knowledge" is a Spiritual gift, whereby the Lord reveals something unknown by natural means.  In this case, it was concerning the health conditions, unbeknownst to the speaker, of people in the audience.  The reason the Lord would inspire someone to speak this type of word, concerning a health condition, is to then cause another Spiritual gift, the "gifts of healing", to operate.  When this happens, people are encouraged, ministered to, and healed.  This is what Jesus came to do, and what He wants us to do. 

This year we have systematically  been looking at the 4 Gospels, specifically at the life of Christ, and how His life impacts our lives today, in this generation.  This passage is especially significant, as it deals with the current times in which we live.