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Delivered By
Dr William A. Stack - Pastor, Salem Full Gospel Church
Delivered On
February 10, 2019
Central Passage
Joshua 4:19-24

Many are familiar with the Old Testament account of the Lord telling Joshua to have the priests bring stones from the middle of the Jordan River to make a monument, memorializing their crossing over on dry ground, in testimony to the Lord's power and faithfulness to them.  But you may not have heard about how the Lord continues this admonition in the New Testament as well.  The difference is, we don't carry the stones, we ARE the stones.  Bro Bill lays out here what that looks like, and how it happens in our lives as believers.  The disciples watched Jesus do many miracles, but they never asked Him to teach them how to perform a miracle.  They asked Him to teach them how to....and learning that helped enable them to accomplish what He asked them to do, and can help us today as well.  God bless you and yours, as you listen today...