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Revival Chronicles 02/28/16 - The Jericho March - Rise Up and Walk
February 29, 2016, 12:00 AM

"The Jericho March - Rise Up and Walk"

A "Jericho March" is what some call it when people begin marching around the inside of the church.  It doesn't happen all the time, but is often exciting when it does.  Sometimes it might be initiated by the moderator of the service, who asks people to join in.  Other times, it might be initiated by someone in the congregation, responding to the promptings of the Holy Spirit at an appropriate time during the worship service, and in anticipation of a great victory.  The latter is what happened Sunday morning, and we were all witnesses of the miraculous events that followed.

To begin with, a little context.  V. is a Senior with a spinal cord injury, who was paralyzed from her neck down.  She was told in 2013 she would never walk again. Below is a story her hospital wrote about her in their magazine "Vim & Vigor" last year.  Anyway, she and her husband have had a very difficult path to travel the last few years, to say the least.  They live about 50-minutes away, and it is difficult for them to travel to church (or anywhere else).  She began the service in the wheelchair she came in on, as she has for the last few years.

During a time of extended worship Sunday morning, B. began to walk around the church.  Soon, a few others joined in.  Others stayed in their pew, responding to the Lord's presence in a different way, more suited to them.  There was a message in tongues, and an interpretation given.  More worship (of the Lord) followed, and from different areas of the auditorium, there were shouts of excitement and acclamation.  One of the musicians, D., started dancing on the platform with shouts of glee.  She told us afterwards that she was facing knee surgery, and had been having trouble with one of her knees.  She said that during worship, she sensed a warm sensation in that leg, and the pain disappeared.  She got so excited, she began to dance.  Perhaps she won't need that surgery after all...

Meanwhile, in this atmosphere of faith and worship, L. paused the "Jericho March" at the back of the church, behind V. sitting in her wheelchair.  They placed their hands gently on V's back, and began to pray the prayer of faith.  Shortly thereafter, V leaned over to her husband and said "I am getting up."  V had walked halfway down the aisle once before, in a similar setting during a service a few months ago.  Today, she walked all the way down to the front of the church, turned around and walked all the way back.  In the picture, you can see the expression of some of the teenagers, capturing the excitement we all felt to see her walk again.  Her husband said after church, that for the first time since the accident, she was able to get herself back into the car without being lifted.  To God be the glory; great things He has done, and is doing...

"And the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up..." (James 5:15a BSV)


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