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Revival Chronicles 03/02/16- The First and Last Laugh
March 2, 2016, 12:00 AM

Revival Chronicles 3/2/16

The First and Last Laugh

M and J were recently in town having lunch with us after church, and shared some exciting things the Lord recently brought them through.  It is the type of thing that many are dealing with today, and M said I could share it with you.  As a matter of full disclosure, M & J are part of a great church in another state, have been faithful in tithes and offerings there, and routinely speak (out loud) God's promises over their own lives and circumstances.

M had a long, stable career with a good company.  Then one day, the employees were notified the company was moving overseas, and that they would be unemployed unless they also moved. Most of M's co-workers said they would most likely stay  put and go on unemployment, and that they "wouldn't be able to find work".

M went home and told J, who immediately laughed out  loud, and said "That is great news!  The Lord already has something else for you." (paraphrased)  M was initially taken back by this response, but was also encouraged by her faith.  This was the first laugh.

M then went to a local job fair, set up to help those affected by similar circumstances in that area.  His old boss saw M, and told him he should agree to move to China - that if he didn't, he would never find work.  Before the boss was finished speaking, an unfamiliar person walked up and said "Hey M, I have been looking all over for you.  We want you to come work for us right here, right now.  Do whatever you need to do with notice for your other employer, but we want you whenever you can come." (paraphrased)

While most everyone else is still drawing unemployment, and still talking about not being able to find work, M is already moving ahead with the new company.  He was unemployed for a total of 12 hours - which didn't really count, because it was between pay periods.

Some believe and say that it is foolish or unnecessary to obey the Lord in tithes and offerings, and some say it is nonsense to believe that speaking the promises of God over your life and circumstances actually makes any difference.

But M & J not only had the first laugh when faced with bad news, but also the last laugh, as the promises of God continue to offer a stable footing for them, in a very  unstable world...

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