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Revival Chronicles 05/13/19 - The Breath of Life
May 13, 2019, 6:00 PM

So last Friday, the hospital staff told the family that today (Monday, 5/13/19) was the day the ventilator would be turned off, if there was no improvement.  We prayed and believed together there at University Hospital.

Since then, he has started to improve - just got the following text from a family member:

" he did a CT on his head and chest to see why he isn't breathing deeper.  The results came back with no abnormalities and he said that his lungs are much better than before.  He is going to keep him on the ventilator for a couple more days then attempt to take him off..."

So, we praise the Lord for a couple more days, and the improvement thus far !! 

Continue to be in agreement with us for a complete restoration of breathing and healing...