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Delivered By
Dr William A. Stack
Delivered On
June 5, 2011
Central Passage
Luke 11:14
Sunday Morning

When Jesus healed the deaf and mute man, he could hear and speak clearly.  Prior to this, he could make muffled noises, but not articulate what he wanted to say.  This was because he was unable to hear what words sounded like.  In the church world today, as well as in our own lives, sometimes it seems that we are broadcasting a muffled message of the Gospel.  Bro Bill illustrates that this is sometimes due to our inability to hear clearly what God is saying today.  The deaf & mute man was hindered by hindering spirits; this message explores some hindering spirits and attitudes that we must cast off in order to proclaim the Lord's message more clearly in these last days.  God bless you today, as your voice becomes more clear in the promotion of the Gospel !!