The Father's Legacy (25 minutes) - Fathers and Children
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Delivered By
Dr William A. Stack - Father's Day
Delivered On
June 20, 2010
Central Passage
Acts 3:26
Sin, Transgression, Iniquity - How the Lord Delivers

This Father's Day message reveals the difference between sin, transgression, and iniquity, and how to become free from each.  The Bible says that iniquity has multi-generational consequences, but that the Lord has provided a remedy.  If you are a father, or you ever had a father (good or bad), this message is for you.  The Lord desires that all of us live in freedom from destructive traits and behaviors, and also provides the means for us to do so.  Sometimes these things are inherited, just like other genetic traits.  The Good News is, that our spiritual DNA can be altered for the better !!  Enjoy, and God Bless.