The Green, Green Grass of Home... (43 Minutes)
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Delivered By
Dr Willliam A. Stack - Pastor
Delivered On
January 2, 2011
Central Passage
Matthew 6:30-33
Faith for Life Today

After a 5-minute crash course in plant biology, Bro Bill opens up some deep truth that Jesus revealed to mankind many years ago.  When Jesus said, "consider the lilies", He meant for us to examine carefully, because He wanted to focus our minds on the care and plan of God for our lives.  In a world gone mad, with viewpoints so far removed from God's plan, this message is a refreshing and informative example of how a Godly outlook can drastically transform our lives for the better.  God bless you today as you listen, and may you walk in all the fulness of life that the Lord has for you!!