The Perfect Will of God (skip ahead 5 minutes to start teaching)
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Delivered By
Dr William A. Stack - Pastor
Delivered On
November 15, 2010
Central Passage
Romans 12:1-2
Finding God's Will for Every Area of Life

Many people are making decisions today...teenagers deciding if or where to go to college...older teenagers deciding where to people deciding where to invest or cut costs...soldiers deciding how to complete the mission with as few casualties as possible...many decisions. Invariably, some will want to know what God's will is for their life, concerning these decisions.  The great news, is that God wants us to know His will about every area, and in His Word, He explains how we can.  Following the offratory song, and funny story about deer hunting (it is deer season in Missouri when this was recorded), this teaching begins about 5-minutes into this recording.  God bless you as you determine His will for your life, in every area!!