What Are You Doing Here? (16 minutes)
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Delivered By
Dr. William A. Stack (Bro Bill)
Delivered On
July 26, 2009
Central Passage
I Kings 19:1-7
Get Me Out of Here!! (Escaping from a funk or a rut, large or small)

We all have times in our lives when we are completely at a loss...aimless, and hopeless.  We are going to look at the personal issues experienced by a hero of our faith...and how that can help us 1)avoid the same situation, 2)shorten the length and intensity, and 3)get back to a place of fulfillment and usefulness in life, and in the things of God.  Whether it is a divorce, tragic loss, prolonged illness, or financial catastrophe, or something else, the Lord has a plan and desire to see us through to an abundant life on the other side.  This message helps us get there.  Hope it blesses you as much as it is blessing me.